Before we even had a proper website, we shared short travel stories online. Back then, we only had a Facebook page, so we posted these stories online using the simplest means possible to fit a Facebook post, using only a single image, a title, and a single paragraph of text. That was in 2015, and for lack of a better name, we called it “#LostInTheMoment”.

In 2017, we relaunched our website, making it possible for us to post travel stories online outside of our Facebook page. With an online space to call our own, we decided to expand “#LostInTheMoment” into something more than just a Facebook post. We shortened the name to just “Moments”, and we began collecting slightly longer travel stories, with more imagery, albeit still shorter than the ones in our magazine. They would fit into a 2 to 5 minute read, a suitable length for light and casual reading on the go. This helped form the collection of short travel stories that exist on our website.

Five years later, we’ve decided to take “Moments” to where our focus has always been: print. What would it feel like to turn some of these short travel stories into print? We looked for a format that would better express the short and casual reading experience—the newspaper. Being much larger than our magazine, but thinner, unbound and folded together loosely, it would deliver a lighter but more immersive experience with its spacious format. Like a quiet little moment, but on paper.

For our first issue, I’ve chosen my very own travel story which I had shared previously on our website, “Days of Doing Nothing”. It’s about the experiences and feelings that I had during my short stay at Onomochi, doing completely nothing and just daydreaming for an entire week. I did wander around aimlessly quite a bit, and so the paper also features some of the sights that caught my eye. It was one of my most memorable travel experiences and I thought perhaps it would be nice to see it in print.

We plan to release a new issue of our MOMENTS paper every three months — a much higher frequency which would help fill the yearly gap between magazine issues. Like “Jalan-Jalan”, an illustrated travel book which we published last year, the MOMENTS paper is another step in expanding LOST into other formats beyond the magazine. We hope you look forward to the content we’ve planned out for the year!

在我們還沒有一個完整的網站之前,我們就已經在網上分享簡短的旅行故事。那時,我們只有一個 Facebook 頁面,所以我們使用最簡單的方式在網上發布這些故事。為了適應 Facebook 帖子的格式,只使用一張圖片、一個標題和一段文字。那是在 2015 年,也因為沒想到更好的名子,就把這個欄目叫成「LOST IN THE MOMENT」(迷失在片刻的意思)。

2017 年,我們重新啟動了我們的網站,讓我們能夠在 Facebook 頁面之外發布線上的旅行故事。有了一個可以稱為我們自己的在線空間,我們決定擴展「LOST IN THE MOMENT」的內容。我们把名字缩短成「MOMENTS」,開始收集稍長和包含更多圖片的旅行故事,雖然它們仍然比我們雜誌中的故事短。這些故事大概有 2 到 5 分鐘的閱讀長度,適合在路上輕松和隨意地閱讀。這逐漸形成了我們網站上短篇旅行故事的集合。


在第一期的報紙,我選擇了自己之前在 LOST 網站上分享過的旅行故事:「無所事事的日子」。這是一篇關於自己在尾道短暫停留期間的經歷和感受。在那裏,我完全沒有做任何事情,只是整整一周讓自己放開地胡思亂想。在反思的同時我也一邊漫無目的地四處散步,所以報紙上也分享了一些當時看到的風景。這是我比較難忘的旅行經歷之一,所以我也很高興能把它變成印刷品。

我們計劃大概每三個月發布一期 MOMENTS 的報紙 —— 希望這個更高的發布頻率能填補 LOST 雜誌每一期之間的年度空白。就像我們去年出版的「Jalan-Jalan」繪本一樣,MOMENTS 的報紙也是 LOST 衍生的又一步。希望大家期待我們為這一年計劃的內容!


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