Not every journey will be beautiful.
Not every morning will be bright.
Not every road will be smooth.
Not every flower will be pretty.
Not every person will be a friend.
Not every landscape will be breathtaking.
Not every moment will be memorable.
Not every question will be answered.
Not every book will make sense.
Not every wound will heal.
Not every sun will rise.
Not until it is time.

Issue Ten is 17.5cmx24cm, 296 pages, bilingual (English & Chinese) and features 10 personal travel stories.

Featured stories:

When James Tugwell goes into the wilderness for a sandal photoshoot, he is reminded by the wilderness that it is, indeed, unforgivingly wild. He recounts his experience in “When Wild Triumphs”.

In “Three Days”, Miki Lau goes on a solo trip to Sri Lanka when she unexpectedly falls in love with a stranger.

To pull himself together, Fred Lahache booked a trip to New York. But when he got there, he realised he was in the most anxious city in the world. He documents his journey through his camera in “Angst and the City”.

When Nick travelled to Nepal to hike the Annapurna Circuit, he wasn’t expecting the biggest challenge to be in the form of catering. Could his body cope with running on little more than lentils and rice for weeks on end? Find out in his story “Dal Bhat”.

Jasper Pryor shares his thoughts about the state of nature as he wanders through the landscapes of Wales in “To Travel in a Human Landscape”.

When Yiman bought a one-way ticket from Shanghai to Inner Mongolia, she had no idea what she was going to do or when the trip might end — the only thing she knew was how to get there. She shares her adventures in “To the Land of Nomads”.

Issue Ten stories:

When Wild Triumphs / Three Days / Liberation / Angst and the City / A Corner of Southern Xinjiang / Dal Bhat / To Travel in a Human Landscape / Finding a Moment of Peace / Merchants of Fate / To the Land of Nomads

Issue Ten Contributors:

James Tugwell
Miki Lau
Miguel Neves
Fred Lahache
Lingping & Zoe Ye
Nicholas Roosen
Jasper Pryor
Toh Ee Ming
Saunak De
Yi Man




當 James Tugwell 到荒野為涼鞋做拍攝時,被荒野不斷地提醒到它的野性。他在「當野性勝利」講述了自己的經歷。

在「三天」,Miki Lau 獨自前往斯里蘭卡旅行,意外地愛上了一個当地的陌生人。

為了讓自己振作起來,Fred Lahache 預訂了去紐約的旅行。但當他到達那裡時,他意識到自己身處世界上最焦慮的城市。他在「焦虑都市」用相機記錄了自己的旅程。

當 Nick 前往尼泊爾徒步安納普爾納峰環線時,他沒想到最大的挑戰会是餐飲。他的身體能承受連續幾週只靠扁豆和米跑步嗎?在他的故事「Dal Bhat」中找到答案。

在「在人類的地景旅行」中,Jasper Pryor 分享了他在威爾斯風景中漫步時對自然狀態的一些深思。

當 Yiman 買了一張從上海到內蒙古的單程机票時,她不知道自己要做什麼,也不知道旅程什麼時候結束——唯一知道的是如何到達那裡。她在「前往遊牧之地」分享了她的冒險經歷。

當野性勝利 / 三天 / 解放 / 焦慮都市 / 南疆一隅 / 達八 / 在人類的地景旅行 / 尋找平靜一刻 / 命運商人 / 前往遊牧之地

James Tugwell
Miki Lau
Miguel Neves
Fred Lahache
Lingping & Zoe Ye
Nicholas Roosen
Jasper Pryor
Toh Ee Ming
Saunak De
Yi Man


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