1. Who are you?
I’m Chang Ming and I take pictures. I also run Nope Fun, a platform for photography, art and publications.

2. Where are you now?
Typing this from the comfort of home in Singapore.

3. What do you do when you’re not travelling?
Working on personal and freelance projects, daydreaming about my next trip.

4. What was the last piece of music you listened to?
Tropical dream pop lounge tunes by Specific Islander.

5. Tell us briefly the travel story you shared in LOST. (in one paragraph)
My story “Just As We Imagined”, published in LOST Issue Three, is about an adventure in Sri Lanka and how things usually don’t go according to plan when travelling, but instead makes it even more exciting. The unexpected experiences and encounters are often the most memorable.

6. What do you love about travel?
Exploring new places, meeting new people and trying all kinds of food! It’s refreshing to learn about different perspectives and cultures first-hand.

7. What do you hate about travel?
Saying goodbye.

8. Do you like to travel alone or with people? Why?
Both! Travelling alone is thrilling and leaves more room for spontaneity. On the other hand, I think it’s great to travel with one or two people to share the experience with someone else, and to split the cost of meals!

9. What do you think about during travel?
I try not to think so much and just experience what the place and people have to offer.

10. Any future travel plans?
Heading to Penang and then East Timor later this year.

1. 你是誰?
我是Chang Ming,我拍攝照片,同樣也運營 Nope Fun 這樣一個關於攝影、藝術和出版的平臺。

2. 你現在在哪?

3. 你不在旅行時平常會做什麼?

4. 你最後聽的一首歌是什麼?
Specific Islander 創作的流行沙發樂Tropical dream。

5. 用一段話,簡單地告訴我們你在《LOST》分享的個人旅行故事。

6. 旅行最讓你喜歡的是什麼?

7. 旅行最讓你討厭的是什麼?

8. 你喜歡獨自旅行還是跟朋友一起?為什麼?

9. 旅行時經常會想到什麼?

10. 接下來有什麼旅行的打算嗎?