In our most recent issue, Issue Nine, we published a story by the title of “Cannonball” where Michael Levy shared his adventures of working as a rock climbing guide in Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam. We recently found out that the photographs were taken by Michael’s friend Lucas Barth, who also worked in the same rock climbing company during that time. Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, we only found out about this after the magazine was printed, and were unable to credit him in the printed magazine. We are deeply sorry that this happened, but we thought we could also take the chance to let our readers learn more about Lucas and how he came to take the photographs that were featured in the story!

1. Tell us a little about yourself!
LUCAS: I am from Atlanta, Georgia and I currently live part time in Page, AZ and part time in Moab, UT. I work for the National Park Service, and travel and rock climb in my spare time. I like to photograph to share the beauty of the natural world and to explore how people interact with their environments. Hopefully, my photography inspires people to care for the environment and protect it. You can check out my photography at or on Instagram @lucasbarthphotography.

2. How did you end up in Vietnam and what were you doing there? 
LUCAS: Mike and I met in Vietnam. I was volunteering working for the same company he was. I went there because my girlfriend (now wife) got a job there as well and we both love to rock climb.

3. What made you decide to capture those photos in Vietnam, and how did you take them?
LUCAS: I love taking photos of climbing because it captures people interacting with their environment in such an intensely personal way. I would climb the route first without the camera and fix a rope to the top anchor, then go back down, get the camera, and ascend the rope, hanging on the rope and moving up and down the rope to take the photos.

4. What did you get out of your experiences in Vietnam? 
LUCAS: My wife is part Vietnamese and part of the reason for the trip was for her to connect to the country where her family is from. We both love rock climbing, and working for a company there was a way to get in a little deeper than to simply be tourists.

Lucas worked together with Michael in Vietnam during the time that was written about in “Cannonball”. A big thank you to Lucas for sharing his photographs which helped bring Michael’s words to life!

If you haven’t read “Cannonball”, check it out in LOST Issue Nine!