Travel to see the mountains,
Travel to see the roaring seas,
Travel to savour the local flavours,
Travel to learn new cultures,
Travel to meet new friends,
Travel to make new memories.
But most of all

Travel to forget.

Issue Three is 17.5cmx24cm, bilingual (English & Chinese) and features 10 personal travel stories.

Featured stories:

Aaron Gilbreath loses his way in Shitamachi and encounters a mysterious stranger who offers to be his guide in “People of the Low City.

Alejandro Cascallana discovers the charming multiplicity of Japan and expresses this through his little obsession of photographing taxis in his series “Heterogeneity”.

Kate Lu goes to Fuji Rock and and learns how the Japanese enjoy music in “A Calm Music Festival.

Matthew Hildebrandt shares his experience on the Trans-Siberian railway, spending 70 days in 8 countries and 185 hours on trains and buses, in “What Colour Are Clouds?”.

Aiyu Zhang learns about life in the temple and how it differs from city life in “Life in Gaomin Temple”.

Issue Three stories:
People Of The Low City / Puppies & Woodsmoke / Heterogeneity / One Island Story / A Calm Music Festival / Just As We Imagined / Life’s A Journey / Undeveloped / What Colour Are Clouds? / Life In Gaomin Temple

Issue Three Contributors:
Aaron Gilbreath
Eva Clifford
Alejandro Cascallana
Anastasia Masalova
Kate Lu
Lee Chang Ming
Marina Chou
Denise Hung
Matthew Hildebrandt
Aiyu Zhang




下城區的人們 / 小狗和炊煙 / 異質性 / 島上的故事 / 一次”冷靜”的音樂節之旅 / 正如所想 / 在路上找路 / 未沖印的 / 雲朵是什麽顏色?/ 在高旻寺的日子


在《下城區的人們》,Aaron Gilbreath 講述了他走失下町,偶遇一位自願做向導的神秘陌生人。

在名為《異質性》的作品系列中,Alejandro Cascallana 透過對出租車著迷的拍攝,發現了日本迷人的多樣性。

在《一次“冷靜”的音樂之旅》,Kate Lu 前往富士音樂節,領略了日本人欣賞音樂的方式。

在《雲朵是什麽顏色?》,Matthew Hildebrandt 分享了他跨越西伯利亞的火車之旅,70天、8個國家、185小時的火車和巴士搭乘。

在《在高旻寺的日子》,Aiyu Zhang 體驗了與城市生活不同的另一種生活方式。


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