1. Who are you?
My name is Attilio Solzi, I am an artist and photographer.

2. Where are you now?
Now I’m at home. I live in an old cinema in the village of Annicco, in the north of Italy.

3. What do you do when you’re not travelling?
I work on my books, on publications, I prepare exhibitions…

4. What was the last piece of music you listened to?
Flatland by Chelsea Wolfe.

5. Tell us briefly the travel story you shared in LOST Issue Six.
It is the story of an encounter with a group of naturist trekkers and the birth of an artistic/editorial project that materialized with the publication of a book and an exhibition/installation of photos and videos.

6. What do you love about travel?
Everything, but perhaps the most exciting part is to think of it, program it and prepare for it.

7. What do you hate about travel?
Only the lost time to go to the airport!

8. Do you like to travel alone or with people? Why?
I have always traveled by myself or with Paola, my wife. Since we were very young we have traveled the world taking photos for various anthropology and nature magazines. I can’t imagine traveling with different companions…

9. What do you think about during travel?
Unexpected situations and amazing little details are welcome during the trip!

10. Any future travel plans?
I will shortly publish a book (MONOLITH) of photos taken in Iceland during a Black Metal music festival, and I’m working on a new project on the Baltic countries.

1. 你是誰?
我的名字是 Attilio Solzi。我是一名藝術家和攝影師。

2. 你現在在哪?
我現在在家裏。我住在意大利北部,在 Annicco 村裏的一座舊戲院。

3. 你不在旅行時平常會做什麽?

4. 你最後聽的一首歌是什麽?
由 Chelsea Wolfe 創曲的 “Flatland”。

5. 用一段話,簡單地告訴我們你在 LOST第六期 分享的個人旅行故事。

6. 旅行最讓你喜歡的是什麽?

7. 旅行最讓你討厭的是什麽?

8. 你喜歡獨自旅行還是跟朋友一起?為什麽?
我一直都是自己或者和太太 Paola 一起旅行。從我們年輕的時候就開始走遍天下為各種人類學與自然雜誌拍照。我無法想象和其他人一起旅行…

9. 旅行時經常會想到什麽?

10. 接下來有什麽旅行的打算嗎?
我會出版一本書 《MONOLITH》,它是關於我在冰島一個黑金屬音樂節拍的一組照片。我也正在做關於波羅的海國家的一個項目。