1. Who are you?
My name is Marlies. I’m a photographer from Vienna.

2. Where are you now?
Physically in Vienna. Mind-wise on a beach in Indonesia.

3. What do you do when you’re not travelling?
Mostly working and trying to save some money for the next trip.

4. What was the last piece of music you listened to?
Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere.

5. Tell us briefly the travel story you shared in LOST Issue Four.
The story was about the sometimes awkward situations of being a tourist on a beach in Goa, India.

6. What do you love about travel?
The freedom that comes with it and the feeling of absolute carefreeness. And especially the fact that I can leave my every-day working routine behind.

7. What do you hate about travel?
Being stuck at airports for hours.

8. Do you like to travel alone or with people? Why?
It depends. I like to hook up with other travelersas long as we get along. If it fits it fits. But I don’t mind traveling alone either.

9. What do you think about during travel?
Mostly I try not to think too much and rather be in the moment and enjoy what’s happening around me.

10. Any future travel plans?
Too many. But Madagascar has been on my wish-list for a very long time.

1. 你是誰?

2. 你現在在哪?

3. 你不在旅行時平常會做什麽?

4. 你最後聽的一首歌是什麽?
Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere.

5. 用一段話簡單地告訴我們你在《LOST》分享的個人旅行故事。

6. 旅行最讓你喜歡的是什麽?

7. 旅行最讓你討厭的是什麽?

8. 你喜歡獨自旅行還是跟朋友一起?為什麽?

9. 旅行時經常會想到什麽?

10. 接下來有什麽旅行的打算嗎?


Marlies Plank, born 1981 in Vienna started out as a freelance photographer in 2007, mainly focusing on concept and fine art photography. Her images are something dreamlike, almost surreal and very inviting to just pause and dwell in the moment. She has had various exhibitions worldwide and has been featured in Art Magazines and Blogs. Recently she had an artist collaboration with Valentino where two of her collages were used in several collections of Maison Valentino. She loves to try out new things and travel no matter where to – she’s happy if she’s on the road to somewhere.