▲Unveiling of the WKUP X LOST City Bikes.
▲WKUP X LOST 特別限量款單車揭幕。▲WKUP的 高庶三講述單車與雜誌的合作緣起。
▲WKUP’s Gao Shusan opening with the collaboration between the magazine and the bike.▲The event was packed with over 30 people.
▲高朋滿座,30多位車友到場悉心聆聽。▲Every weekend there is a band of cyclists zooming through Shanghai, exploring the city with new ideas, forging friendships and encouraging each other through the rides. WKUP’s Zhang Ji shares the unforgettable stories as the leader of the WKUP cycling group.
▲每個周末都有一群騎手聚集穿梭於上海,在探索城市中激發奇思與妙想,在騎行路上沈澱友誼和共勉。WKUP的 張輯 分享由他帶領的“醒騎”系列活動裏難忘的故事和朋友們。
▲London, Snowdania, Sheffield, Oxford, Eastbourne…Zhu Bai Xuan travelled around the UK with only his bike, taking photos of his own back against the landscape to record every single moment.
▲倫敦、斯諾登尼亞、謝菲爾德、牛津、伊斯特本…用雙腳踏遍英國的資深騎友 朱白玄 老師,用拍攝自己背影的方式記錄了沿途的每一處美麗風景與背後的故事。 ▲Unlike traditional long-distance cycling trips, Cheng Xiaohu of Shanghai’s famous Factory Five shares the latest trends of bike packing that makes sense for long distances, which also looks cool.
▲不同於傳統的長途單車旅行,上海著名單車店 Factory Five 的 程小虎 分享時下最潮的 CX + Bike Packing 的旅行方式,不光騎得遠,而且騎得帥!
▲All you need is to cycle along a blue line, and you can experience the rich cycling culture of Japan. Simple, relaxed, and with complete facilities throughout the entire journey. LOST’s Founding Editor Nelson shares his recent cycling journey on the Shimanami Kaido in Japan.
▲只需沿一條藍線騎完,便可感受盡極富魅力的日本單車文化,簡單,放松,設施完備。LOST 雜誌創始人 Nelson 分享近日與旅伴在日本的騎行生活雜記。
▲Feeling charged up after listening to the four speakers, participants of the event went on a 40km bike ride. The target: Hongqiao Airport! To see planes flying by only 50 metres above our heads.