Guarapo (sugarcane juice). Colonial architecture. Classic cars. Street dogs. Cheeky humor. Domestic scenes. Barber shops. Saints. Yoruba. Music. Pink. Turquoise. Africa. Coral. Cuba libre. Communism. Lobster.

Everyone here has a key message of life.

After a year struggling with serious health issues, my girlfriend and I decided to go to a sunny place to relax and recover myself a little bit, but also to escape the tough Berlin winter. I’ve always dreamt about the idea of going to Cuba because of the similarities with my own roots, the Canary Islands (Spain). Canary islanders and Cubans speak almost the same Spanish even though we are more than 6,000 km away. This is due to Canarian emigration to the Caribbean and Hispanic America over the years. Canarian Spanish heavily influenced the development of Caribbean Spanish. So it wasn’t that weird that I felt at home because everyone had a relative from the Canary Islands.

I learnt a lot from locals, and although I’m sure most people looked at us thinking “Europeans”, we felt quite integrated after three days and some food scams. When you are a foreigner you have to be a loser first.





Jessica López (aka Jessica Polar) raised on the Tenerife island by the Atlantic Ocean. She is based in Berlin since 2008. She has worked as Photo Editor for Rolling Stone, Musikexpress, ME.Style and VICE. At the moment she is the photo editor of The Impossible Project. She loves islands and classic house music.

Jessica López(又名 Jessica Polar)在大西洋的特內裏費島長大,從2008年起,她搬到了柏林居住。她是 Rolling Stone, Musikexpress, ME.Style 以及 VICE 的攝影編輯,與此同時也是 The Impossible Project 的攝影編輯。她熱愛島嶼和經典house音樂。
Chinese translation by Aiyu Zhang.