Beyond the lauded boulevards of Haussmann’s Paris, lies a little-trampled world of ancient cul-de-sacs, bucolic hamlets and secluded passages. Idiosyncratic and largely untouched, these muffled pockets of the city offer unique glimpses into a pre-industrial urban fabric, neglected by the broad brush of modernism.

The experience of walking is quite apart from the fixed, elevated view of the the city gained from an apartment window. Or the hopeless speed and restricted outlook of a moving vehicle. On foot, at ground level, one is in tune with the flux of the city, subsumed by the undulations of its path. To walk amongst the backstreets of Paris, is to encounter new aesthetic orders, speeds and relationships of urban life. Uncovering a bygone era held in the present moment⁠—historic neighbourhoods now nestled amongst leafy 20th-century constructions⁠—marble-fronted iron-wrought, splendid.

Yet the Villas Parisiennes must be sought out. Once home to diverse communities of labourers, traders and craftsman, today they harbour artist studios and coveted family homes⁠—as eclectic as their architectural heritage. To wander amongst the Villas Parisiennes is to enter an alternative narrative, floating adrift from its popular image; fading alleyways displacing the parks and the markets of the common imagination.

Walking stimulates speculation⁠—not only on the connection between art and the geography of city, but on one’s own identity in relation to the urban landscape. In this mode, we can mine for incident, texture, and stimuli. Embracing the displacement of the familiar, and the synthesis of the fragmented. Here, we find shards of a city lived-in and lived out of: loved and unloved, unkempt, overlooked. This is when leftover spaces become liveable fragments. Overwritten, rethought, unseen.





Louise Long is a 28 year-old photographer and writer born and based in London. Through analogue and alternative photographic processes, her work explores ideas of place, culture, community in response to the natural and man-made environment. Louise holds a MA in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art, with recent exhibitions of her work held in New York, London, Sweden and Paris.

Louise Long,28歲,是一位出生、工作於倫敦的攝影師、寫作者。通過復古與另類的攝影工藝,她的作品探索場所、文化、社群對自然和人為環境的回應。Louise本科畢業於皇家藝術學院,獲得美術學士學位,她的作品近期在紐約、倫敦、瑞典和巴黎展出。