Time flies. Who knew we’d still be making magazines after six years?

It all began with a naive and impulsive idea: to make a magazine where people could share their personal travel experiences. But do we need to do it in print? Would it really sell? Is there anything special about it? Does it feature any cool destinations?

No, no, no, and no.

If anything, LOST isn’t special or fancy or anything like that. It’s really just a simple and plain magazine that gathers stories from travellers to be shared and read. There isn’t really a super great idea here that cannot be replicated. There’s nothing so special here that’s going to explode on the inter webs. In fact, anyone can do it. Anyone can gather a bunch of travel stories and produce another travel magazine like LOST.

So why do we bother continue making the magazine after six years? What keeps us going?

It’s you.

You, who is reading our article at this very moment. Or you, who is looking for inspiration from travel. Or maybe you, who have collected all four issues of our magazine and you’re still missing Issue Two. Or you, who has followed our magazine for so many years, and you, who contributed your story to our printed issue or to our online journal. Each and everyone of you form this community of travellers and readers that has made this magazine possible. The magazine is actually just a platform for the voice of the community; it doesn’t specifically belong to anyone, nor is it the efforts of just one person.

And that’s why we’re still here. Doing the same thing every year, collecting stories, going to the printing press, and creating this wonderful object to be shared with everyone who loves and wants to read about travel experiences. That’s all that matters, really. And looking at the covers of all six issues, it’s really emotional to think about how we started and where we are now. Yes, we might have evolved slightly over the six issues, but at the very core, we’ve been doing the same thing all this while: which is to share inspiration from travel.

Thank you for being with us for the past six years.

We hope you’ll like our new issue



No, no and no.

其實《LOST》什麽都沒有,也沒什麽特別。它只是一個普通簡單的雜誌,每一期收集了不同的旅行故事分享給大家閱讀而已。這裏沒有什麽很聰明的點子,也沒有什麽不可以被復制的,更沒有什麽網紅的內容。甚至,誰都可以做這件事。任何人都可以收集一些旅行故事去創辦一本像 LOST 的旅行雜誌。








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