A couple of years ago, I decided to celebrate the New Year in Japan with two friends.

We heard that Tokyo wasn’t that fun during the holidaysthrow in the fact that we couldn’t find a place to stayso we drifted to Kyoto and Kobe instead. Aboard the Shinkansen, we could see the temperature drop the closer we got to Kyoto.

Soon, we arrived.

When we stepped out of the station, huge ice flakes began falling, like a storm was coming. I remember wondering whether my beaten-up compact camera could handle the cold. The wind picked up and suddenly, we were in the midst of a small blizzard. We had to bend to avoid being carried away. With nobody on the streets, the city seemed frozen by the weather. We finally decided to call it a day and spend the night in a traditional house, our backpacks filled with instant noodles, hoping that the wind will subside.

Next morning, luckily, the wind dropped. The city was covered with a white silence. We went to Fushimi Inari Shrine, the Temple of 1000 Gates. Snow was drifting like white curtains between each gate. When we came back to the city, it was as if the city never woke up. We only met a few residents on our way to the temples.

As we split up to wander the city in our final hours, I plugged in my iPhone and put on the oh-so-cliche-but-too-perfect-not-to-do-it track: Alone in Kyoto by Air. On our way to Kobe, I couldn’t help but stare at the serene landscape passing in front of my train window. The snowing ceased and each house, road and field seemed to be sleeping under a soft white cover. Eventually everything was swallowed by the high speed of the train.





在我們分頭漫步這座城市的最後幾個小時裏,我插上iPhone的耳機,播放了一首雖然老套但再合適不過的曲子——Air 的 Alone in Kyoto。去神戶的路上,我情不自禁地盯著車窗外平靜的風景。雪停了,每一戶人家,每一條路,每一片田地,都像是睡在一層柔軟的白色覆蓋下。最終,一切都在列車的高速裏被吞沒。

Nicolas Liberman is a Paris-born traveller living and working for the past 4 years in Shanghai as a graphic designer. You can browse some of his most recent pictures and work on his website

Nicolas Liberman 是一位在巴黎出生的旅行者,過去4年他以平面設計師的身份居住在上海。你可以在他的網站上瀏覽到他最新的圖片和作品