We were honoured to be invited to Tianjin to speak at a mini talk event centered around the theme of indie publishing, alongside the editors from “Zhi Japan” and “China Sandwich”. “Zhi Japan” is a Chinese magazine about Japanese culture, while “China Sandwich” is a writing platform and community that regularly publishes its own books. Through the talks, we learn that each publication is run differently, which is what always makes it interesting. Besides the talk, local Tianjin bookstore “Reading Home” also curated a spread of indie publications from his collection to share with audiences.

我們很榮幸被智慧山邀請到天津去參加 MINI TALK 活動,與《知日》的編輯和 “中國三明治” 的創始人一起探討獨立出版。《知日》是個關於日本文化的中國雜誌,而 “中國三明治” 是個寫作平臺,時常自出版一些充滿故事的書。通過分享,我們發現每個出版都有自己的模式;這也是做出版有趣的部分。除了講座,天津當地書店“悅讀家”也把一些精選的獨立刊物帶到現場分享給大家閱讀。