到達之後的第二天一大早,父親帶我們去了張掖的平山湖,說是給我和老媽看點丹霞地貌這樣的新鮮景色。丹霞地貌是自侏羅紀時代就累積起來的紅色巖石,經由幾個世紀的地殼運動, 滄海桑田,接受經年累月流水和罡風的侵蝕切割,崖面崩塌、堆積,終成或深溝,或奇峰或巷谷。這些仿佛來自天外的風景,從3500萬年前就開始經歷著變故,由大陸的碰撞、俯沖和擡升,到如今我置身其中,仿佛只是俯仰之間的事。


To me, my Dad was always someone who was relocating. My parents knew other and fell in love precisely because they had to relocate to another province for work in a state-owned company, which eventually led to my existence. Since then, because of my parents’ work, I was always following them across the country, and even though the pace of migration has slowed down, I never felt a sense of belonging to anywhere.

This trip also happened because of my Dad’s new relocation for work. My mum and I travelled from both ends of the country to the province of Gansu to visit him. As a Southerner, this was probably the most Northern place my Dad has ever been in his life. Before I arrived I was worried the cold and sharp winds might add a few more wrinkles to his forehead.

On the second morning after we arrived, my Dad brought my Mom and I to Pingshan Lake in Zhangye, to show us the fresh scenery of the Danxia landform. Danxia landform is formed from the accumulation of red-coloured sandstones since the Jurassic age, through centuries of crustal movement, seas turning into farmlands, undergoing years of erosion by wind and water, collapsing and piling of cliffs, eventually forming deep pits, magnificent peaks or valleys. These landscapes look like they’re from another world, forming and experiencing change since 35 million years ago from the collision of the land, diving up and down, to where I was now, as if only between motion.

For a moment I felt honoured to be able to stand among these magnificent structures that had taken centuries to form. This was an eternal beauty brought about by enormous change. Later on my Dad showed us his photos which looked like autumn leaves. He had a proud look on his face, satisfied that he got to show off this excellent location. Looks like my Dad adapted pretty well to this new place.

Xiao Xiao is currently working as an event planner, and also for a photography brand, to introduce works of art into peoples’ lives. She loves to read, loves people and things that have a sense of beauty, authenticity and depth. Xiao Xiao usually prefers exploring places over island vacations, but she’s recently taken to lying by the seaside. Because of work, she’s also begun to fall in love with film photography.