Xiao Xiao’s father was someone who was always relocating. During a trip to visit him in Gansu, she discovered a landscape formed from the accumulation of red-coloured sandstones through centuries of crustal movement. This was eternal beauty brought about by enormous change.

The paper showcases this magnificent phenomenon and the sense of awe that Xiao Xiao felt while she was there.

Format: 24cm x 35cm, 24 pages
Text & Images: Xiao Xiao

MOMENTS#2: 北上风景



規格:24cm x 35cm, 24頁
图 / 文:笑笑

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MOMENTS is a paper dedicated to short travel stories. Originally a column on LOST magazine’s website, MOMENTS has now been redesigned into print so that these stories can be experienced in a tactile form. Each issue will feature one personal travel story, and make use of the large-paper format to bring these travel experiences to life.

MOMENTS 是個專注於旅行短篇的畫報。原先在LOST雜誌網站上的一個欄目,MOMENTS 現在重新轉化到紙媒上,讓讀者們以實體的方式去體驗這些故事。每一期都會分享一篇個人旅行故事,並利用大開本讓這些旅行經歷生動起來。