We were once again invited to Hamburg this year during August 25-27 to speak at Indiecon 2017 and like last year, it was an amazing experience! This year we were invited to host a talk on stage with Yanyou of Jiazazhi Press, the leading publisher of independent photography books in China. This year’s theme for Indiecon is activism, or magazines who make a difference, and many of the talks were quite intense and serious, focusing on topics that bring about social change or awareness. Some of the magazines that came to speak include Migrant Journal, Anxy, Hello Mr., OOMK and Kosovo 2.0. We were also super happy to meet the folks from STAPLE on Indiemag Day! It’s always a pleasure to see many familiar faces from indie publishing and also to meet new friends in the beautiful sunny weather in Hamburg.

很榮幸今年8月25-27日又被邀請去漢堡參加 Indiecon 2017 ! 今年是去和假雜誌的言由做一次對談,分享假雜誌背後的故事和出版的作品。Indiecon 今年的主題是行動主義,或簡單來說是帶來改變的雜誌,所以很多分享都比較嚴肅,專註於社會改變或意識的話題。來做分享的雜誌包括 Migrant JournalAnxyHello Mr.OOMK 以及 Kosovo 2.0. 我們也很高興在 Indiemag Day 能遇上新加坡獨立雜誌 STAPLE 的夥伴們!能在漢堡的大太陽下跟這麽多熟悉的面孔再次見面和交到新朋友真是一件難得和愉快的事。