1. Who are you?
My name is Ryan. I work for a non-profit. I’ve written a lot about movies. I started an online magazine with a friend (www.omakasemag.com). I volunteer with some small businesses on their marketing. I like to be outside. I made a movie last year.

2. Where are you now?
I am at my home in Grand Rapids. For context, Detroit is about 3 hours east, Chicago 3 hours west.

3. What do you do when you’re not traveling?
Normal people things, I guess.

4. What was the last piece of music you listened to?
“Far Nearer” by Jamie xx. After the new xx album came out last week, I went and dug into some of the Jamie xx singles I hadn’t heard before.

5. Tell us briefly the travel story you shared in LOST.
I talk about this in the piece itself actually (how meta of me), but simply put, I had a journal of sparse notes written after I spent a month in London back in 2011 that I was always simply too lazy to go back and do something with. By the time I finally felt the tug to put a piece together, it felt too boring to simply fill in the information as a diary, so instead I wrote on the process itself of revisiting old trip notes and how we each remember trips after we return home.

6. What do you love about travel?
I suppose being the outsider is always fun, no matter the destination. In my view, there’re too many places in the world to see to not travel, if you have the ability to.

7. What do you hate about travel?
It would be a bit too cliche to say “coming home”, and to be quite honest, I’ve not usually found that to be true. Oftentimes, my brain is so linked in with the trip schedule that I’m mentally “ready” when it is time to come home. But I think the worst part would be the next day, when you realize you’re really home, back on the grind.

8. Do you like to travel alone or with people? Why?
I know saying “both” is cheating, but both. I’ve had a few work trips that I went on by myself and had a lot of fun exploring on my own at the end of each day. But going on trips with my wife, sharing meals and finding curious hikes, is probably my favorite.

9. What do you think about during travel?
FOOD. The best way to travel is to start each day by planning out the mealsyou can fill in activities between food after that.

10. Any future travel plans?
I kind of traveled all over the US over the last two months (NC, UT, WA, CO, VA, MA, TX, SC) so I actually a have a bit of a break ahead of me. I’ll be doing some kind of a backpacking trip in Michigan’s upper peninsula near Canada in a few months (if the snow is manageable), and after that I may even be moving (which is kinda like permanent travel, no?)

1. 你是誰?
我叫Ryan。在一個非盈利機構工作。我寫了很多關於電影的文章。我和朋友開始了一個線上的雜誌 (www.omakasemag.com) 我也誌願為一些小型商業機構的市場部做一些工作。我喜歡走出去。我在去年制作了一部電影。

2. 你現在在哪?
在 Grand Rapids 的家中。往東3小時路程到底特律,往西3小時路程就到芝加哥。

3. 你不在旅行時平常會做什麽?

4. 你最後聽的一首歌是什麽?
Jamie xx 的 “Far Nearer”,在 Jamie xx 上周出了新專輯後,我去挖了一些過去沒聽過的他的單曲。

5. 用一段話,簡單地告訴我們你在《LOST》分享的個人旅行故事。

6. 旅行最讓你喜歡的是什麽?

7. 旅行最讓你討厭的是什麽?

8. 你喜歡獨自旅行還是跟朋友一起?為什麽?

9. 旅行時經常會想到什麽?

10. 接下來有什麽旅行的打算嗎?
在過去兩個多月的時間裏,我基本上旅行了整個美國地區((NC, UT, WA, CO, VA, MA, TX, SC)因此接下來會有一小段休息的時間。幾個月後,我將