Ever since we sold out Issue One 2 years ago, we’ve been getting many inquiries if we’ll ever print the first issue again.

We are, now, and we’ve finally decided to do it this year.

But this time, we’d like to do it a little differently. We don’t know how many copies to print, so we’d like to ask you, our readers to help us decide by making pre-orders. This will help us avoid wastage and be more accurate in our print-run.

In addition, to express our gratitude, we’ll also be throwing in a free LOST Tote Bag and Poster for every copy of Issue One pre-ordered.

Pre-orders are open till October 10th, after which we will consolidate the numbers to finalize the print-run. We will print in November and ship by December 2017.

Production note:
The 2nd edition is exactly the same as the 1st edition, except for 8 additional pages and how the cover will be sewn onto the spine (which makes it a lot stronger than the 1st edition).

We hope this second print-run will help many readers complete their LOST collection!


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