We’ve been running around to a few events lately and we thought it’d be nice to share them together to let everyone know what we’ve been busy with in the past 3 months!


THE UNCOMMON MARKET (10/26 – 10/28)
We were honoured to be part of The Uncommon Market in Shanghai which featured more than 80 brands. We were also very lucky to be given an awesome space to create a mini-exhibition of our publications!

我们很荣幸参加到凡几在上海主办的 The Uncommon Market!活动里有80多家原创品牌一起展出,我们也很幸运能有个很棒的空间来为我们的出版物做个小型的展览。


abC ART BOOK FAIR 2018 (11.2 – 11.4)
Its third year in Shanghai, this year’s venue was at the Modern Art Museum in Pudong. While we met many of our old friends and readers, we were super inspired by the entire atmosphere of this year’s event, including a lot of new publishers from China and also overseas. Other than buying limited edition prints, there were also lectures and workshops going on all day, so much so that I really wanted to abandon my table to attend some of them!


haveAnice FESTIVAL (12.1 – 12.2)
We travelled to the warm and beautiful city of Taipei to attend the coffee and culture festival organized by haveAnice. The event was held in a old tobacco factory space called Song Yan which had now been converted into cultural event spaces. Once again, we met many old friends, and also those whom we’ve known online but haven’t yet met in real life, such as teikoukei who contributed to LOST#5, who also happens to be the photographer for the haveAnice event. And of course, just like every travel trip, we always make lots of new friends! See more photos from the event here!

我們到了天氣晴朗的臺北市去參加 haveAnice 主辦的有質生活文化展。地點在松煙,是個舊煙草工場,目前已經轉換成文化園區。幾年沒來臺灣,很開心的能遇到很多老朋友,以及一些網上認識但沒在真實世界遇見的朋友,例如投稿給LOST#5的 teikoukei,也剛好是 haveAnice 的攝影師。當然,就像每一次旅行一樣,我們還是交到了很多新朋友!更多官方的照片和報告在此