LOST Magazine is now available for browsing in the library section of “20 Decibels”(古本屋 弐拾db), a second-hand bookstore in Onomichi, Japan. As Mototugu Fuzii explains, the name “20 Decibels” refers to the sound of books. He runs the bookstore all by himself from 11am to 3am on weekdays after working at guesthouses or cafes during the day. As Fuzii-san says, “The night is long in Onomichi.”

LOST雜誌已進入到日本尾道市的一家二手書店「古本屋 弐拾db」。店主藤井基二解釋說「弐拾db」這個名字指的是書的聲音。他一個人管理書店,周一到周五白天在民宿或咖啡店打工後,從晚上11點開到3am。就像店主藤井基二說,“尾道的夜晚特別長。”

古本屋 弐拾db 地址 :
20 Decibels address:
Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima 7220045

More info on their Facebook page.