下次見 See Ya 邀請LOST雜誌主編Nelson,為妳與你們分享他旅行中記錄的故事對話,這是高雄唯一場次當天獨家販售LOST旅行刊物。 時間:2016年4月11日(一) 晚間7:00 地點:下次見 see ya 住址:高雄市新興區玉竹一街14號(捷運中央公園站) 電話:0913-123522 地圖:https://goo.gl/CkWtSv

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QVED 2016

The fourth international Editorial Design Conference saw magazine makers offering insights into new global trends and surprising counter-trends, and examining contemporary transformations. Gathering under the question, “Quo Vadis Editorial Design?” (QVED for short), designers, journalists and publishers discuss their latest work, providing a glimpse into their successful and failed projects alike, and showing examples from others…

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CAMPFIRE is a gathering for travellers to share their stories. We had our first event at Seesaw Coffee on Nov 28, where we invited 5 travellers, 4 of whom were also in the first issue, to share their personal travel stories. Seesaw Coffee is located at Room 101, Lane 433 Yuyuan Road, Jing’an district, in Shanghai. Speakers: Shanshan…

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